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Minimum age : 16 ans

Maximum weight : 100 kg

Price : 250 € / person

A good pair of lace-up shoes is essential ; to be able to climb the Cheiron trails, take off without worrying and find the ground in comfort.

– Take water, because water is life, 1,5 litre is enough. The less you carry, the better you climb !

– In summer, there is no need to fly in a down jacket or to cover up excessively in flight. Your instructor practices the “tee-shirt-short-basket”, that’s enough. If you are sensitive, take a windbreaker. In winter it’s a different matter, cover up! Too much is better than too little.

– Take a pair of sunglasses, in the middle of the sky the light is strong, your eyes need protection.

– Your medical treatment if you need it during the activity.

– If you have a camera, you can take it with you under your own responsibility.

– And finally, your best smile is a must !

Leave your bags, belongings and other accessories in the cloakroom ; we’ll be flying, not camping !

Who is it for ?

This flight is intended exclusively for people who are very sporty or who regularly hike and for whom 750m of ascent with an 8kg bag is easily achievable.

To reach the take-off point, we will walk 750m of ascent and 5km of distance, which is generally done in 1h30 to 2h with the flight equipment.

This service is our best proposal to immerse you in the heart of our practice, without compromise. The approach walk follows the GR4 winding through the Cheiron massif. With a bit of luck, you will come across the inhabitants of the forest, especially on the morning flights: stags, hinds, chamois, marmots…

This represents an energy expenditure equivalent to the content of 3 Mars chocolate bars. No worse for realizing the dream of Icarus!

For the ascent, you will be entrusted with carrying part of the flight equipment, i.e. about 6kg. In total, we will be flying with 20kg of high technology coveted by men since the dawn of time.

What we propose is to share our passion as we live it.

When to fly ?​

Albatros trekking flights can be done early or late. With a cool meeting time, between 7 and 8 am for an arrival at the take off around 10 am to fly in the first thermals.

Or with an appointment between 3 and 4 pm at the latest for an arrival at the take-off between 5 and 6 pm to take advantage of the soft conditions at the end of the day and the sunset from a new angle.

Allow plenty of time for the activity, this maximum one hour flight takes about half a day from our meeting to the end of the activity.

Course of the activity

We meet at the meeting point, at the landing of Gréolières. We will review together, if necessary, the organisation for accompanying persons, to ensure that you are fully available to go flying.

Then we go up together, each with his own bag, with all the necessary equipment. We have a half hour walk to approach the site, the opportunity to discuss, to immerse ourselves in the site, to get in condition for the flight.

When we arrive at the take-off point, we will present the site to you and together we will carry out a pre-flight check, i.e. the preparation of the equipment before the flight. This is the opportunity for you to discover the wing, the line, the harness and the helmet.

Paragliding take-off is simple but requires attention, we will carry out a briefing together so that you have all the necessary information to take off serenely.

After a few moments it’s time to take off, from then on there is only one thing to do, enjoy. Your instructor takes care of the flight, “just sit and relax”.

Then we will go to the landing area to land, we will do an in-flight briefing. The landing is also simple and requires a little attention.

We won’t tell you more !


Educational flight option : your instructor is also an instructor, we like to share our knowledge, and accompany you so that you discover the piloting of a paraglider, if you wish to make your first turns, ask, it is included.

Acrobatics option : the paraglider is a great machine for a quiet stroll in the air but also for getting your head around it. If you wish, the end of the flight can be devoted to some acrobatic manoeuvres, wing-overs, asymmetrical 360s, spirals and candles. Your instructor masters the piloting serenely, take a breath and enjoy the moment. Ask, it’s included.

GoPro option : for those who want to take pictures in flight, it’s easy, you can select this option in the registration form. There is an extra charge of 30€. A 32GB Sandisk micro SD card will be given to you after the flight so that you can leave directly with your photos and videos.

Meeting point

The meeting point is at the landing ground of Gréolières. When you are at the Vival supermarket, you have to take the D2 towards the town centre. The car park of the landing ground is 100 m further on the left.