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Minimum age : 16 years old

Maximum weight : 100 kg

Price : 220 € / person

Photos and videos : offered !

A good pair of lace-up shoes is essential ; to be able to climb the Cheiron trails, take off without worrying and find the ground in comfort.

– Take water, because water is life, 1,5 litre is enough. The less you carry, the better you climb !

– In summer, there is no need to fly in a down jacket or to cover up excessively in flight. Your instructor practices the “tee-shirt-short-basket”, that’s enough. If you are sensitive, take a windbreaker. In winter it’s a different matter, cover up! Too much is better than too little.

– Take a pair of sunglasses, in the middle of the sky the light is strong, your eyes need protection.

– Your medical treatment if you need it during the activity.

– If you have a camera, you can take it with you under your own responsibility.

– And finally, your best smile is a must !

Leave your bags, belongings and other accessories in the cloakroom ; we’ll be flying, not camping !

Who is it for ?

This flight is designed for anyone who wants to discover the sky in a paraglider, and in particular the pleasure of ascents.

We’ll be flying thanks to 20 kg of high-tech equipment that has been coveted by mankind since the dawn of time. You’ll need to be able to walk and run a few metres to take off and land.

To get to the take-offs, we’ll take you up in a 4×4 shuttle.

What we are offering you is to share our passion as we live it.

When to fly ?​

Prestige albatross flights take place on fine days with favourable thermal activity. Allow plenty of time for the activity, as this one-hour flight takes an average of two hours from the time we meet until the end of the activity.

Course of the activity

We’ll meet at the meeting point at the Gréolières landing. We’ll check in together, if necessary, on the organisation for accompanying persons, to make sure you’re fully available to go flying.

We’ll then take the 4×4 shuttle up to the airport, giving us a chance to get in shape for the flight. When we arrive at the take-off point, we’ll show you around the site and together we’ll carry out a pre-flight check, i.e. the preparation of your equipment before the flight.

This is an opportunity for you to get to know the wing, the lines and the harnesses.

Once you’re equipped, we’ll do a briefing together. You’ll be given all the information you need to make sure we take off with peace of mind.

Then it’s off, and from then on there’s only one thing to do: enjoy. Your instructor will take care of the flight, “just sit back and relax”. For the prestige albatross flight, we’ll be flying for an hour. We’ll try to make the most of the thermal lift to gain more height and make the pleasure last longer!

We’ll then make our way to the landing area to land. The landing briefing will take place during the flight. The landing is simple but requires your active participation.

We won’t tell you any more – it’s an experience worth having!


Educational flight option : your instructor is also an instructor. We like to share our knowledge with you and help you discover how to fly a paraglider.

Acrobatics option : the paraglider is a fantastic machine for taking a leisurely stroll through the air, but also for turning your head upside down. If you wish, the end of the flight can be devoted to a few acrobatic manoeuvres, wing-overs, asymmetric 360s, spirals and candlesticks. Your instructor will master the piloting skills with ease, so take a deep breath and enjoy the moment. Ask for it, it’s included.

GoPro option : this option is offered for the albatross prestige flight ! A micro SD card will be given to you after the flight so that you can leave directly with your photos and videos.

Meeting point

The meeting point is at the landing ground of Gréolières. When you are at the “épicerie des patous” supermarket, you have to take the D2 towards the town centre. The car park of the landing ground is 100 m further on the left.