Via ferrata, via corda, dry canyon

The weather in the Alpes Maritimes is particularly generous. With 300 days of sunshine a year and a sky iridescent with azure blue, the Mediterranean climate reigns in the south. The sea softens the winter temperatures and tempers the summer heat waves. These very mild conditions make it possible to bask on the cliffs all year round, in summer and winter. The Préalpes d’Azur are an ideal playground for via ferrata, via corda and dry canyoning in all seasons.

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“Via ferrata” comes from the Italian word for “railway”. The Italian army developed this concept to allow its troops to cross steep passages more easily, especially in the Dolomites. Today it is a sporting activity where you move on cliffs strewn with cables, ladders, monkey bridges, Himalayan bridges, zip lines… For this, the practitioners are equipped with a harness, a helmet, a pair of lanyards and a pulley.
The via corda is very similar to the via ferrata, with the big difference that the progression is done on ropes. It is common to evolve on monkey bridges, Himalayan bridges, tyrolean traverses, Tarzan jumps and even abseiling.
As the name suggests, a dry canyon is dry ; that is, it is a canyon where there is no water flow. These are canyons with mainly walking in steep terrain and abseiling. They are therefore courses that can be done without wetsuits.

The activities are open to all, subject to the following conditions. Participants are asked to read and agree to these safety conditions :

  • You must bring the required equipment and sport shoes with laces in good condition. Sandals, ballerinas, aquashoes and other light shoes are not allowed.

  • It is natural to be a little afraid of heights, but you must not be subject to pathological vertigo.
  • You must not have any medical contraindications for the chosen activity and be in good physical condition.
  • You must respect the minimum age, the required sporting abilities and the experience required. for each activity.
  • You must not be under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs.
  • Children under 12 years of age must be accompanied by an adult.
  • Parental consent is required for any minor not accompanied by a legal guardian.
  • You must respect the safety instructions given by the instructor.
  • Participants accept the risks associated with the natural environment they will be exploring and are aware of the only obligation of means relative to safety incumbent on the professional.
  • If you do not have any medical contraindications, but are dependent on special medical care or treatment, or if your health condition requires special attention (asthma, diabetes, disability, phobia, recent injury…), you must inform the instructor BEFORE the start of the activity.
  • Pregnant women are not allowed to participate in the activities, whatever the stage of pregnancy.
  • The activities are forbidden to people with respiratory difficulties, cardiovascular difficulties, pathological obesity, tetany attacks, epileptic seizures, etc…

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